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China Tea Room provides powerful targeted marketing for advertisers who want to
take advantage of delivering information about their company, their services and products to
those who need. You can target your marketing message to individuals and companies
seeking information about your company, products, listing and services. We provide various
advertising services as followings, such as place Text Link, Banner on our home page; place
your listing for real estate, prefabricated building & house, business for sale, auction,
acquisition; post your product list for sale and etc. has attracted more and more people to visit everyday because it
benefits everybody in the world and its quality service and high style. We also have powerful
search engine that helps you to find customers on Internet. You will gain more customers If
you choose to put ads on You are encouraged to link to us or put
banner on or advertise your business, company, products, listing
and services with us. Our Advertising Rates as follows(exchanging link or banner are

Please be noted  "Payment By $" for payment by US dollar,  “支付宝” for payment by Chinese
Yuan, China Tea Room “支付宝” account ID: 13913816346.

1. Text Link

*Text Link on prominent position of home page of
*Customized sponsorship Contact Us

How to place text link?
1) E-mail us your text link and link information to .
2) Pay to China Tea Room online by click on "Payment By $" or ”支付宝“ on the right:.
3) We will post the text link you ordered within 2 business days after your payment is

2. Banner

*Banner on home page of $299/year(¥2000/年)
*Customized sponsorship Contact Us

How to place banner ads:
1) E-mail us your Banner AD to
2) Purchase Banner Ad by Click on "Payment By $" or “支付宝” on the right:
3)Your banner ads show up within 2 business days after payment is received.

3. Placing Listing and Send Flyer

Place your listing for real estate, prefabricated building & house, business & technology and
APP for sale, auction, acquisition, talent requirement and project investment on www. and send flyer to agents and clients in English and Chinese in 2 business
days, cost is only $39/3 months(¥260/3月) for each listing.

How to place listing and send flyer:
1) E-mail us your listing information in word and pictures in JPG files to
2) Purchase listing and flyer services by click on "Payment By $"(English) or "支付宝
"(Chinese) on the right:
3) Your listing will be shown up and flyer will be sent within 2 business days after payment is

4. List Product for Sale  

We welcome manufacturer, company and individual to list and sell  product  on We will post your product's picture, information on our web site and
send notification to customers within 2 business days after payment received, it only costs
$39/3 months(¥260/月/3月)for each type(model) product, no matter how many pieces you
sold for it. You can post as many as you want.

How to list product:
1) E-mail us your product information(Name, Model#, Specification), pictures & your contact
information in attached Excel file and  picture in attached JPG file(use model# as file name,
low definition and compressed file required) to
2) Purchase our listing services by Click on "Payment" on the right

5. Some features of our advertising system

*No contracts! Start and stop as you wish.
*Fraud Protection.
*Your ads show up within 2 business day after payment is approved.
*You can change your ads for free anytime!
*Payments processed online by credit card or Paypal or 支付宝(Alipay)
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