Chinese Garden is typical garden with oriental style temples, lounge, bridges, lakes, ponds, mountains,
trees, flowers, streams, paths, gates, towers, Pagodas and etc. From emperors' garden Summer Palace,
Beihai, Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing to family gardens She Zheng Yuan in Suzhou and Yuyuan Garden in
Shanghai there were a great deal of Chinese Gardens cross the country.  Now those gardens are
restored to original and open to public.  Meanwhile, some new Chinese gardens are built in China now,
they are combined Chinese Style and Western Style, you can see them everywhere in China.
Summer Palace in Beijing  built
for Emperors & their waives
Baihai Park in Beijing  built for
Emperors & their waives
Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai
was a official garden
Zhongshan Botainical
Garden in Nanjing, China
Lu Hua Dang Garden
on Mt. Mogan in
Zhejiang Province
Bamboo Garden
on Mt. Mogan
in Zhejiang Province
Garden in Bishui
Huating campus
in Nanjing,
Jiangsu Province
Chinese Garden
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Garden in east of
Forbidden City,
Beijing, China
China Tea Room