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Chinese Famous Classic Music:

Cowboy Flute
Morning at Miao Ridge

Golden Snake Dance

Gu Qin:
Night Song of Drunken Fishman
Triple Sunshine Passes

Gu Zhen:
Water Flows Through High Mountain
Liuyang River
Evening Song of Fishmen
Swallows at the Peaceful Sands

Er Hu:
Moon on Twin Rivers
River Water

Instrumental Ensemble of Folk Instruments:
Moonlit Night on Spring River

Percussion Beat:
100 Birds Paying Pilgrimage to Phoenix

Guangdong Music:
Colorful Rainbows after the Moon
Chinese Famous Modern Music:

Chorus of Yellow River
Song of Yangtze River

Song of Grassland
In the Hoping Field
My Motherland
Common Song
12 Girls Band
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