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At China Tea Room we provides design, decoration and renovation for home, hotel, office and garden with contemporary, classic
and country style from wast and east as well customer required style. Our design, decoration and renovation utilize green and
energy saving materials and products, concern about comfort, health and beauty, create high style, elegance, comfort, warm,
invitation, relaxation, simplicity and usage, suitable for people daily living and working. We have done some works both in China and
in the USA, and will continue to make people daily living and working space better than before. Followings are some our service

1.Home, Hotel & Office Interior Design, Decoration and Renovation:
Contemporary, Classic, Country and Eastern Style

2.Exterior and Garden Design, Decoration and Renovation:
Western, Eastern and Country Style

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Address: P. O. Box 619, Manasquan, NJ 08736  
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