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Chinese History

China, one of the four oldest civilizations in the world, has a written history of 4,000 years and
boasts rich cultural relics and historical sites. It is the inventor of compass, paper, gunpowder
and printing. The Great Wall, the Grand Canal and the Karez Irrigation Systems are three great
ancient engineering projects built 2,000 years ago. Now they are the symbols of the rich culture
heritage of the Chinese nation. China has gone over a long history of primitive society, slavery
society, feudal society and semi-feudal semi-colonial society and the present socialist society.
It has been through:

Xia                           (c. 2200 - c. 1750 BC)
Shang                     (c. 1750 - c. 1040 BC)
Western Zhou       (c. 1100 - 771 BC)
Eastern Zhou        (771 - 256 BC) Spring & Autumn Period (722 - 481 BC)
Warring States Period (403   - 221 BC)
Qin                           (221 - 206 BC)  
Earlier Han             (206 BC - AD 8) Wang Mang Interregnum (AD 8 - 25) Later Han  (25 - 220)  
Three Kingdoms   (220 - 265)  Dynasties of the North and South  (317 - 589)  
Sui                            (589 - 618)  
Tang                         (618 - 907)  
Northern Song        (960 - 1125)   Southern Song (1127 - 1279)    
Yuan (Mongol)        (1279 - 1368)  
Ming                          (1368 - 1644)
Qing (Manchu)        (1644 - 1911)  
Republican China  (1911- 1949 ) (Moved to Taiwan after 1949)
The People's Republic of China (1949-  )  

There are many universities accepting foreigners to study Chinese History in China now. To
learn more information or to make a request, please click on
"Special Tour". To get the book
of Chinese History please click on
"Books" under Gift Store place an order online.

Chinese Language         

Chinese created Chinese language through five thousands years. There are about 1/4 people
in the world who speak Chinese now. It is the second language in the world beside English.
Chinese language is picture like character, it was developed by drawing something, for
instance, river likes water flow, fire likes flame. In the past five thousands years it had been
gradually changed to the characters we see today. Chinese hand writing uses characters, but
its pronunciation uses Ping-Ying. To the most beginners Chinese hand writing is the most
difficult part. China Tea Room will schedule some Chinese Language Learning Class, please
"Events at China Tea Room" for the Chinese Language Learning Class. We have one on
on teaching program by arrangement with application requirement, we also have small group
teaching program on Saturday for 2 hours with application requirement. Please fill out your
application requirement online and we will contact with you, to learn more information or to
apply for our Chinese language teaching program, please click on

There are many universities accepting foreigners to study Chinese in China now. To get book
and CDs on learning Chinese Language please click on
"CDs" under Store to place an order

Chinese Martial Arts

In the past five thousands years, Chinese did not only develop Chinese language but also
developed Chinese Martial Arts - one of powerful, magical & useful excise in the world. There
are many categories of Chinese Martial Arts with different styles from different Master in China
now. But mainly they are for protection & strength body. To get book on Chinese Martial Arts
please click on
"Books" under Gift Store to place an order online with free shipping and
handling. There are many Chinese Institute accepting foreigners to learn Chinese Martial Arts
in China now. To learn more information or to make a request on our Chinese Martial Arts
Program, please click on
"Special Tour".

Chinese Literature

For over 4,000 years written history of China hundreds of Chinese writers have created
numerous literatures, such as novel, article, poem, poem like phase, proverb, folk song. phase
and etc. There are some famous books like "Journey to the West", ""Outlaws of Marsh", "A
Dream of Red Mansions", "Three Kingdoms", " The Poems of Tang Dynasty", "The Poems Like
Phase of Song Dynasty", "The Folk Song of Yuan Dynasty", The Phase of Ming Dynasty" and etc.
have been read by generations and generations. They are great heritage of the world, and great
civilization of the human history.

Chinese literatures are very beautiful in language and writing. They describe stories, people
and scenarios in very deep touch but indirect. For instance, "A Dream of Red Mansions" written
by Cao Xue Qin(Qing Dynasty) has hundreds of persons appear in the book but everyone has
own characters. The deepest touch and perfect description in personality of the persons is ever
found in any other book. "The Poems of Tang Dynasty" is the great collection of over 500
beautiful poems written by famous writers in Tang Dynasty, they describe the things and
scenarios with fine and short word in sounds like tone. A few of words described thousand
years history and whole world in a few minutes by great poets of the time in China such as Li
Bai, Du Pu.

Chinese writers spent over 4,000 years time to engrave a great number of beautiful and rich
literatures that pass on to today. Chinese are very appreciate, proud and respectful of their
former writers for their heritage of the Chinese literature. Chinese literature is part of Chinese
education in schools and universities cross the country. Many foreigners go to China to study
Chinese literature now. To study Chinese literature in China is accepted by some Chinese
Universities in China.  You can complete your requirement by click on "
Special Tour" and China
Tea Room will help you to reach your goal. Please check our Gift Store for
CDs & DVDs and
books on Chinese literatures.
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