Chinese Medicine at China Tea Room
Chinese Medicine dates back more than 2,000 years to ancient China. It has been practiced by Chinese
Medicine doctors(Dai Fu) for over 2,000 years. All Chinese had relied on it long before Western Medicine
went into China in 20th century. It has been well spread in oriental countries in centuries. In over 2,000
years Chinese Medicine doctors practiced Chinese Medicine and accumulated numerous experiences which
recorded in Chinese Medicine Bible "Ben Cao Gang Mu" and other ancient Chinese Medicine books. Chinese
Medicine is one of many great Chinese inventions such as print, gunpowder, compass, china, paper in the
world. Today, the most Chinese still rely on Chinese Medicine or Chinese Medicine and Western Medical
combined for their health care. Chinese Medicine has been more and more accepted by western people and
become part of their Medicare.  Holistic health care is an extension of ancient Chinese Medicine - based on
natural and minimally-invasive healing arts that focus on balance and movement of energy within the body.

Chinese Medicine is consists of herbal, acupuncture, message and therapy. To understand Chinese Medicine
you need to understand Chinese Philosophy that has ruled Chinese society for over 2000 thousands years.
Chinese philosophy is based on "Yin" and "Yang" balance, such as negative and positive, cool and hot. It
means anything can not go beyond or less, must be right there for the best result. For human body "Yin"
and "Yang" energy must be balanced within, lose the balance will cause the disease or unhealthy scenario.
So keeping "Yin" and "Yang" balanced within human body is major goal that Chinese Medicine doctors want
to archive when they treat patients. In over 2,000 years Chinese Medicine doctors had diagnosed and
treated Chinese patients with their eyes, hands and Chinese Medicine without instrument. They can tell
patients what problems they have after they take their pulse on their wrists and look their faces and
tongues. There has been tremendous requirement on practise experience to Chinese Medicine doctors. The
elder they are, the more experience they are, the better they are mostly. In China, the most hospitals
diagnose and treat patients with Chinese Medicine and Western Medical combined Medicare now. It is the
trend to do so in the 21st Century and it is the best way to treat human body as its natural need.

Unfortunately, in past many centuries China was closed door to the western countries, and Chinese
Medicine remained traditional way, the western medical developed alone. There could be a leap in medical
development in human history before the 21st Century if both Chinese Medicine and Western Medical joined
together. Many experts point out that Chinese Medicine and Generic Medicine will be the way to treat
diseases in the 21st Century. China has well established many Chinese Medicine hospitals and universities
across  the country. Many foreigners go to China to study Chinese Medicine now. To study Chinese
Medicines in China is accepted by some Chinese Universities and hospitals in China.  You can complete your
requirement by click on
"Special Tour" and China Tea Room will help you to reach your goal. There are more
and more foreigners go to Chinese Medicine Hospitals in China for medical treatment, because some
diseases such as cancer can not be cured by western medicine or therapy. If you need help to find Chinese
Medicine Hospital in China please contact us by click on "
contact us", we will help you to find the doctor you
need. Please check our Gift Store for
CDs & DVDs and Books on Chinese Medicine.
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