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Health is the natural beauty of human being. It is the
combination of physical, mental and spiritual performance
inside and outside of human body. The health is the result
of healthy eating, healthy living, healthy thinking and self-
controlled motion and spirit. To keep health you need to
know what your body needs and feed it with all necessary
nutritions, knowledges and excises, but drugs. The drug
is needed for unhealthy human body sometimes while it
lost control. So why don't you keep your health with healthy
eating, healthy living, healthy thinking and well self-controlled
motion and spirit in all your life?

-- Your Healthy Advisor at China Tea Room
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                       Healthy Eating & Healthy Living

In China, both food and Medicine are derived from the same source. Long
before western medical went in China in 20 century all Chinese were relied on food for
their health. For over five thousands years Chinese have created and developed many
medicines with various herbs and delicious food. They eat certain type food which is
good for their disease while they are ill. For example, they eat ginger soup when they
got cold. Chinese Medicine is still major part of medical in China now, even more
effective because of less negative effect. This provides our bodies with natural
defenses against diseases as well as providing us with emotional balance from inside
out. The most important thing of all is they have kept diet with their day to day balanced
eating – a healthy eating habits. Today average Chinese is not over weight, not like
western people more than 70% of population is over weight. Diabetes and heart
disease are the most killers in western countries, the cause has been found is the food
they ate were not healthy and lack of physical excise. Healthy eating habits and healthy
food are the most concerned facts in western countries now. Even there are many diet
programs have been introduced to those who are over weight, but there are few people
can get back to normal without changing their eating habits and the food they eat.
Some of them start thinking about taking Chinese recipes for diet.

It is time to start changing eating habits and the food western people have
eaten for over thousand years.
Chinese food is more healthy than western food
because Chinese food is more vegetable, seafood, fish, shrimp, fruit, rice, grains, wheat
than beef, poultry, chicken, sheep and etc. Plus Chinese cooking with little less fatty oil
– vegetable oil or peanut oil or sesame oil whether fry or steam or boil and serving with
low fat soup, tea or simply just boiled warm water. Chinese eat fresh fruit without adding
anything as desert after meal. The most of Chinese never ate butter, cheese in their
life, instead they ate a lot of bean curd, in another word they gain calcium and protein
from bean curd without gaining fat. After all Chinese eat less amount of food and sugar
than western people eat every meal and everyday. Chinese like to share more dishes
every meal that allows them to gain more nutritions. Typical Chinese family meal is four
dishes and one soup. Please keep in mind your body only need limited amount of all
kinds of nutritions everyday, anything you eat too much will cause you problem, either
your body works hard to store it in your body as fat or burns it out with extra work, there
is no diet pill can help you better than you know how to eat and how to take care
yourself. Eating little bit of many kinds and different food everyday can gain more
nutritions that your body needs, eating 80% full better than eating 100% full. In general,
eating balanced meal is healthy habit.  Furthermore, Chinese like to walk slowly after
meal. All these facts are contributed to Chinese health in whole while they even do not
know diet at all. Unfortunately, in recent years western fast food went into China and
some Chinese especially children started eating them. The result from eating western
fast food is some Chinese getting fat and overweight. Please see following numbers
compare between healthy diet and American diet:

                               Healthy Diet:                      American Diet

Vegetables                             34%                                         16%
Grains                                    32%                                          11%
Flavonoid-rich Food(e.g.,soy)12%                                          <1%
Omega-3 Food(e.g., fish)       11%                                          <1%
Fruits                                       6%                                            20%
Meat/Poultry/Eggs                   3%                                            29%
Calcium-rich Food(e.g., dairy) 2%                                            23%

Chinese food is not just healthy but delicious and beautiful too. It contains
diversified local cuisines from south to north and from east to west all over China, such
as Cantonese, Szechuan, Hunan, Jianghuai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Northern China
cuisines and etc. Plus fifty tribes in China all have their own food. Chinese food has the
most categories in the world upon its taste, cooking style, serving method and etc. You
will enjoy them all if you travel in China. Today we proudly create China Tea Room in
the USA to introduce you real Chinese food on its nurturing and healing function as well
delicious taste, cooking style and serving method. We also provide you some education
program that you can learn. For more information please click on "
Contactus" and make
a request. To study Chinese cooking in China, please make a request by click on
Special Tour" now. Please check our Gift Store for CDs & DVDs and Books on Chinese
food, Healing Food and Chinese cooking.

China Tea Room provides you with seafood, Chinese healthy & Healing food both
online and at China Tea Room Restaurant. Welcome to visit & shop at China Tea Room.

Chinese Health Tonics Food Cooking Recipes:

1. Wax Gourd Spareribs Soup with Clams:

1) 250g clam, 2) 500g wax gourd, 3) 600g spareribs, 4) i baby ginger
1 tbsp wine; paper, salt
1) Sock clams in salty water. Pare wax gourd and then cut into pieces. Rinse and blanch
spareribs in boiling water. Shred baby ginger.
2) Cook spareribs with water for about 30 mins. and the put wax gourd and ginger.
Add clams when wax gourd is soft. Add seasoning (A) when clams open.
Cure asthma, coughing.              

2. Ginger Sugar Drink

Old ginger 10g, brown sugar 15g.
Shred old ginger and put into big cup, pour boiling water in the cup and covered, add
sugar after 5 minutes.
For cold caused head arc, body pain, fever, white tongue, sweating & etc.. Sleep after

3. Herbal Ginger Tea

Please order packed Herbal Ginger Tea online from our Gift Store "Chinese Teas".
Ginger-used for nausea, circulated blood.
Clove-warmed stomach, reduced pain
Cumin-comforted stomach and digestion.

For Diet, High Sugar, Diabetics, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and etc. please check
Chinese Teas" and "Food for Healing" for solutions.
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Longevity in Contemporary Chinese Centenarians     
-- From Book " Mystery of Longevity"

Naturally people can live 150 years, but why so many people died at age 40's or 50's
years old? Find out yourself by reading this book.

1) Regular Physical Labour; Body-Building Exercises
2) Brian Usage and Dedication to Work
3) Strict Daily Regimen
4) Rational Diet; Avoid Smoking & Alcohol
5) Prompt Treatment; Proper Rest and Norurishment
6) Environment and Hygiene
7) Quiet Environment and Fresh Air
8) Plain Living; Energetic Life
9) Eating what is Available; Whole Grains as the Staple
10) Family Harmony; Dutiful Posterity
11) Longevity Linked to Heredity; Marry Late, Bear Few Children

Please get Book "The Mystery of Longevity" by Click "
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Health at China Tea Room
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