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Health Care Instrument
1. Item No.: HTD8808. Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer.    Price: $49
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1. Measure body temperature, liquid temperature
ambient temperature;
2. Measure distance between 5-15cm;
3. Accuracy: 0.2*C(0.4*F);
4. Measure range: 0-100*C(32-212*F);
5. Color alarm;
6. Voice function;
7. Wireless communication with Bluetooth 2.0 or 4.0
8. Wire communication with USB and RS232

Operating Temperature: 15 - 35*C/59 - 95*F,
Relative Humility <= %85
Storage Condition: -20-25*C/-4 - 131*F,
Relative Humility <=%93
Atmospheric Pressure: 70kpa - 106kpa
Auto Shut Off: 18 Seconds
Memories: 50
Size: 150*90*445mm
Weight: 116g
Power: DC 3V(2AAA Batteries)
Health Care Instrument
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