China Tea Room is owned by Investors and franchises. We welcome investor and franchises to join China Tea Room
to develop market and to strength business worldwide.

China Tea Room has been giving opportunities to people who share the same vision of serving great tasting fine
quality Western and Chinese food at beautiful restaurant and online through franchising.  With more and more of
people served every single day, we need highly-motivated franchisees to be our partners in expanding our business.
We are glad you have taken the time to learn more about our franchise opportunities and hope you will consider joining
our family.

Why Choose China Tea Room?

China Tea Room’s franchisees, also called Owner/Operators, play a major role in the System's success. Choosing
China Tea Room means joining the force in one of the world's most healthy and most delicious and stylish brands and
becoming part of new and advanced network online and off line.

As a China Tea Room Owner/Operator, you gain the following advantages:

World class training to deliver world class service and business success
Extensive support system to cover all aspects of the business, which includes operations, supply chain, and
marketing support throughout the entire franchise term
Access to world class suppliers that provide the necessary goods and services that needed for great-tasting fine food
and excellent services that customers enjoy
A China network of more franchisees locally, and China Tea Room's network of employees nationwide

China Tea Room, as a franchising company in the USA and China, listens so carefully to and collaborates with our
Owner/Operators in order to be success.
Our Owner/Operators devote full time and best efforts to their restaurant business. Their focus and passion is what
makes China Tea Room the fine healthy and delicious food service organization in the world.

Do you have what it takes?

We are inviting partners with significant business experience, have successfully owned or managed multiple business
units/have led multiple departments and have significant financial resources.

China Tea Room’s Franchise Fast Facts:

Owning a Franchise
We grant franchise to an individual on a sole proprietorship basis.
We award the franchise on a per restaurant basis. We don't offer it on a territorial or geographical basis.

Site Selection
China Tea Room chooses the site and does feasibility study on the potential site. The sites are thoroughly studied,
evaluated and we do traffic counts systematically. Application for the site and the franchise is treated and processed
separately and independently from each other.

Franchise Terms
The term of the franchise is good for ten (10) years or the term of the lease whichever is shorter.

Kinds of Franchise
The required investment cost on the part of the franchisee will depend on the kind of store or site that will be offered
to him by the Company. In relation to this, we basically franchise in three (3) ways:
oThe Company awards franchises for a new site or restaurant.
oThe Company awards franchises for an existing restaurant owned and operated by the Company.
oThe Company awards franchises for an existing restaurant owned and operated by a franchisee who would want to
sell his or her China Tea Room's restaurant.

Cost of Investment
Investment typically ranges from $500K to $2 Million with the assumption that the land and building is leased. This
covers the following costs:
Architectural Planning and Design Fees
Building and leasehold improvements and other relevant site works necessary
Kitchen, air-conditioning and exhaust equipment
Cash registers
Emergency generators(if needed)
Seating, signages and décor
Other furniture and fixtures

The above costs depend on the following factors for consideration:
Restaurant size
Suitability of existing building
Site location whether state or within Metro Cities
Equipment specifications involved based on the kind of menu offering (regular or limited menu line). In all cases,
however China Tea Room specifies and approves the menu offerings.

Becoming part of China Tea Room network
As part of China Tea Room global network both online and offline, training, best practices (internal and external),
support programs are offered to the franchisees.         

If you are interested in becoming of China Tea Room's Franchise, please fill out following request form and submit to
us and we will reply to you as soon as we can.
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