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1. For Agent/Agency

We provide link and posting services at www.chinatearoom.net both in English and Chinese for
all real estate agencies, brokers, agents and lending institutions, mortgage brokers, investors
as well listing services with E-mail flyer sent to agents and clients. For placing banner, link and listing
on China Tea Room web site please click
"AdvertsingwithUs" , submit your web site URL link, banner
and listing information along with pictures in attached Microsoft Word file and JPG file by E-mail to:
support@chinatearoom.net, we will post for you and send E-mail flyer to agents, clients in 2 business days
after receiving payment.

We also provide web page design
web page design in English and Chinese for your web site, take
photograph for your real estate listing and do
renovation and decoration for the home you sell or buy.
We are also real estate developer especially in immigrant investment in real estate. Please fill out
ollowing form & submit your request to us:
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