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Solar Flashlight
1. Model: BJYT-SF-001       Solar LED Flashlight  $15.99
Power: 0.4W;
Battery Spec: 1.2V/600mA;
Solar board Spec: 2V/120mA
Unit weight: 130g;
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2. Model: BJYT-SF-002        Solar LED Flashlight with USB Charging  $25.99
Power: 1W;
Batteray Spec: 3.7V/600mA;
Solar board Spec: 5V/60mA
Unit weight:155g;
3. Model: BJYT-SF-003        Solar LED Flashlight with USB & Manual Charging  $20.99
Power: 0.5W;
Battery Spec: 3.6V/400mA
Unit weight: 135g;
4. Model: BJYT-SF-004        Solar LED Flashlight & Radio with USB Charging  $25.99
Power: 0.5W;
Battery Spec: 5V/300mA;
Solar board Spec: 5.5V/0.60W
Unit weight: 160g;
5. Model: BJYT-SF-005        Solar LED Flashlight with USB Charging  $26.99
Battery Spec: 3.7V
Unit weight: 160g
Battery Spec:5.5V,40mA
6. Model: BJYT-SF-006        Solar LED Flashlight & Radio with USB and Manual Charging  39.99
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