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Solar Light  
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD46      $55
Solar wall Light with motion and sound sensor
1. Solar panel: 5.5V 1.6W
2. Battery: 3.7v 1500-1600mAh
3. LED quantity: 46pcs
4. Rated power: 2.5W
5. Product dimension: 180*125*30mm
6. Product weight: 380g
7. It applied widely for illumination in courtyard,
street, garden, plaza, etc."    
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Solar Light with motion sensor + power saving mode                            
1. Solar panel specifications: 5.5V  2.2W, 17% conversion of energy
efficiency, Laminated panels 15 years lifetime.    
2. Lithium battery 3.7V, 2200mAH, can install 2 pcs batteries of the same
equivalent type in paralled at the same time.                               
3. LED: 3.5W  3528 Super bright LED 32pcs. Single LED Luminous flux:
12-14 lumens. lamp Luminous flux approx 400 lumens.     
4. Using Charge and discharge protection circuit, Optical sensing circuit.
5. Waterproof level: IP65                                                                                   
6. Charging time: >6 hours ( 1000W/M² lighting standard )  
7. Weight: 417g
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD32    $45
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD02-02    $25
Solar wall Light with Motion Sensor
1. Solar Panel: 5.5V 100ma/1pc, 0.55w
2. Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V 800mah lithium battery/1pc
3. Infra-red sensor/1pc
4. LED: smd 3528/16pcs, 1w, 100 lumens   
5. Lighting mode: dark/ dim/ bright
6. Charging time: 6 hours
7. Discharging time: 8 hours
8. Weight: 157g
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD05   $25
Solar  light with motion sensor function
* 6V 0.44W
* 4pcs LEDs
* Batterry: 3.7V/600mAh
* Material: ABS
* Product size: 86*105*42mm
* Sensor area: 3 meters, angle: 120 degrees
* Working current: Micro light: 50mA
* High light: 300mA
* Weight: 150g
Solar  light with motion and light sensor function
* Solar panel: 6V 100mA/1pc
* Rechargeable battery: 3.7V/800mAh
* White SMD light: 2835 SMD light/8pcs
* Material: ABS
* Infrared sensor/1pc
* Rated power: 1W
* Discharging time: 8 hours
* Weight 150g                                                    
* Product size: 86*105*42mm
1.A-Si Solar Panel: 0.1W/1pcs
2.Rechargeable Battery: 1.2V 600mah AAA NI-MH battery/1pcs
3.¢5MM White LED/2PCS
4. Weight: 134g
Solar Wall Light, Solar Flood Light, Solar Bulb Light and Solar String, Save 100% Electricity, Suitable for
Home, Office, School, Camp, Plaza and etc..... Beautiful and Functional Design Meet All Your Requirement.
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD02-03    $25
Solar wall Light with high motion and sound sentitive
1. Solar Panel: 5.5V 100ma/1pcs, 0.55W
2. Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V 800mah lithium battery/1pcs
3. Recontroller Panel: With 5 lED 8 SMD Light/1pcs
4. White SMD Light 16pcs 1 Watt.
5. Controlling circuit Board/1pcs
6. Charging time: 6 hours
7. Discharging time: 8 hours
8. Mounting distance: 2-3 meters
9. Product size: 132*92*77mm
10.Weight: 198g"  
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD05-6  $27
Solar  light with motion sensor function                  
Size: 13 x 5.5 x 10cm; weight:170g
*Solar panel: 0.55W, 17% efficiency
*Charging time: 8 hours
*Li-ion battery: 3.7V/800mAh
*LED: 6PCS, SMD3528
*Lumen: 100lm
*LED span life: 50,000 hours
*Weight: 119g
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD05-8  $29
Solar Wall Light, Model: SD06  $29
Solar Flood Light, Model: SF-06  $160
Solar Flood Light, Model: SF-02  $76
* Solar Panel:10V 100ma/1pcs
* Rechargeable Battery:7.4V 2.2Ah
* LED: 2W ,Red/Yellow/Blue/White/1pcs
*Controlling Circuit Board/1pcs
*Charging time:6 hours
*Discharging time:9-10 hours
* Packing size:360*270*100mm
* Weight:1.8kg
* Solar Panel: 5V 2.5W/1pcs,
Solar panel size: 34*26cm.
* Rechargeable Battery:11.1V 4.4Ah  lithium battery/1pcs
* 6W high brightness white LED integrated light, color temperature
6000-6500 k, luminous flux, 500-650 lm
* Controlling Circuit Board/1pcs
* Charging time:>5 hours
* Discharging time: 8 hours
* Packing size: 375*355*118mm
* Weight: 3kg
Solar Flood Light, Model: SF-08  $240
* Solar Panel: 14V  15W /1pcs
* Rechargeable Battery:11.1V 4.4Ah  lithium battery/6pcs
* 8W high brightness white LED integrated light, color
temperature 6000-6500 k, luminous flux, 500-650 lm
* Controlling Circuit Board/1pcs
* Charging time:>5 hours
* Discharging time: 8 hours
* Packing size: 42*37.7*16.5CM
* Weight:3.5kg
Solar Flood Light, Model: SL-30a  $45
1. Solar panels: 6v  2.5W
2. Rechargeable Battery: 3.7 V  2000 mah lithium-ion batteries/1pc
3. Light source: white, yellow, green light  30 LEDs
4. Line length: 5 m /10 m/ 15 m
5. Lamp material: aluminum  130*90 mm
6. Solar panel size: 160*195*33 mm
7. Charging time: >5 hours  (the intensity of sunlight will influence
the charging efficiency in different season)
8. Recharging time: 8 hours (storage capacity > 90%)
9. Product  weight: 1.1kg
Solar Bulb Light, Model: SL-50A  $37
Solar Bulb Light, Model: SPS-5W  $165
1. Solar panel power: 1.3W, 5.5V
2. Battery: 14500 Lithium-ion battery 3.7V/800mAh.
3. LED light: 1W integrated high-brightness white Bulb LED light,
4. Waterproof cable length: 5 m.
5. Solar panel size: 15*11*3CM  
6. Weight: 0.5kg
7. Package size: 16.5*15*8CM
1. Solar panels to power: 5 W, waterproof cable 5 meters long        
2. Battery:lead-acid  12V 4Ah.        
3. Lamps and lanterns:6W high brightness white LED integrated
light, luminous flux, 500-650 lm   
4. Weight: 3.5kg
5. Package size: 280*150*150mm
Solar LED Lamp with Mosquito Killer
Model: ES 49-01.     Price: $19
1. 1-piece 4V/80mA solar panel
2.  2-piece AA 1.2V/600mAh NiCd rechargeable battery
3. 1-piece white LED and 1-piece purple LED, 11,000-13,000mcd
4. Unit size: 15.1x15.1x19.1cm
5. Material: stainless steel
6. Can kill mosquito
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3800 Lumens All-in-one Solar Street Light
Model: DJ601D-40WPV.             Price: $339
Solar Panel: 40W, 24V
Life PO4 Battery: 299 WH, 19.2V
Bridgelux LED: 3800 Lumens
Charging Time: 7 - 8 Hours
Lighting Time: 3 Nights
Light Size: 140 x 60 x 14.5 cm
Mounting Height: 4 - 5 Meters
Space between Light: 9 - 10 Meters
LED CCT: 4000K - 6000K
Lighting Mode:
Lighting mode A: Without motion sensor;5Hrs 2000 lumens+ 7Hrs 800 lumens
Lighting mode B: With motion sensor:1200 lumens with PIR 3800 lumens
(lightingfor 1 minute when people pass by
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