Chinese Tea               Tea Set  & Tea Pot
Testimony of Health
Benefits from
Drinking Chinese Tea:
There is Islands in
Eastern China Sea
called Okaniawa, there
have people with age
over 100 years old
more than anywhere
else. They say that  for
each cup tea that a
person lives, they will
live another day longer.
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on Chinese Tea
Culture and the
Health Benefits
from Drinking Tea
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Tea Set & Tea pot
Tea Set CTS-1  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-2  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-3  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-5  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-4  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-7  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-6  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-9  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-8  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-11  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-10  $25
on sale $20
Tea Set CTS-12  $25
on sale $20
Tea Pot  CTP-2  $16
Tea Pot   CTP-1  $16
Tea Pot  CTP-4  $16
Tea Pot   CTP-3  $16
Tea Pot  CTP-5  $16
Tea Pot  CTP-6  $16
Tea Pot  CTP-8  $16
Tea Pot   CTP-7  $16
Tea Pot  CTP-9  $16
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