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Wireless  Doorbell
1. Wireless Doorbell, Model#: GW859    Price:  $149
1. Dimensions:   116 x 86 x 25(mm)  (LxWxH)
2. System Features:
System Technology: password authority management, white list, white list set
P2P Technology: wireless & reticle both are OK
Mobile Phone Visit: support IPhone, Android 2.2 above mobile phone long-distance answer, doorbell and unlocking,
support motion detection, give an alarm message sinks well as long-distance surveillance, and support long-distance
photograph, picture recording
System Requirement: Android 2.2 above versions,  IOS system, iphone, Android
Alarm Detecting: motion detection, detection sensitivity set, immediately give an alarm to mobile phone
3. Video:
Compress Mode: MJPG
Signal System: CMOS Sensor
Frame Rate: 25/30fps
Resolution Ration: VGA : 640x480 Pixels
Image Adjustment: automatic white balance, backlight compensation
Lens: 2.5 mm Lianr
4. Night Vision: Infrared LED: 5 IR LEDs, Night visibility up to 15meters
5. Network:
Network Interface: RJ-45, 10/100Mb  self-adaption ethernet interface
Network Protocol: support TCP/IP, HTTP, ICMP, DHCP, FTP, SMTP, PPPoE and so on
Data Rate: WIFI,802.11b: 11Mbps(Max.), 802.11g: 54Mbps(Max.) 802.11n: 150Mbps(Max.)
Support User#: 8 Persons
Support IP Address: static state IP Add, dynamic IP Add, PPPOE dial
6. Others:
Appearance & operating environment: metal, anti-explosion, outdoor
Power Supply: DC 12V, 1A
Operating Temp &  Storage Humidity:  –25~70℃,  95% RH
Weight: Net Weight 206g ( accessories included),  packing box Weight 278g.  Gross Weight 484g
Accessories: AC adapter,  specification folder,  install screw
Easy to install and use at home, office and etc.
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2. 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Door Phone, Model#: DP-705RW+TW-669RW    Price:  $189
Wireless Video Door Phone

*2.4GHz digital frequency hopping and encryption technology.
*Battery/DC5V power supply for outdoor camera
* 16 chord melodies, melody volume, talk volume are adjustable
* 150 meters free field transmission distance
* Built-in battery monitor, rechargeable via Mini USB
*Wireless unlock control, supports NC/NO unlock
*Size: Monitor 7 inch  24*10*15 cm,  9.45*3.94*5.91 in
Outdoor camera:16*15*5 cm,  6.30*5.91*1.97 in
*Color: white
*Weight: 2kgs
*Gift Box:: 24*10*15cm
1 x 7" LCD Indoor monitor;
1 x outdoor station with
1 x Power adapter for
outdoor station;
1 x Power plug and USB
cable for indoor monitor;
1 x Lithium battery;
1 set of mounting screws;
1 x User Manual
WiFi 4-Wire Villa Video Door Phone w/Smart Phone Monitor, Model #: TW-632-IP. Price:  $99
* Million HD pixels+ 166-angle lens
* Auto IR night vision
* PIR motion detection
* High quality two-way talk with noise cancellation
* Press the call button and the lights up
* 2 18650 3400mA  batteries work regularly for 8-12 months
* Wake up device within 1 seconds
* H.2.4G wifi (2.4G WI-FI connection)
* Authorize to add by Scan code
* 8-32G SD Card
* Use your smart phone as monitor,no additional monitor Weight
*Weight: 400g
Kinic Wireless Door Bell, Model #: E1.                      Price:  $25
Kinic Wireless Door Phone E1

Self powered.
Weather proof.
Size: 79*44*32mm

AC powered. 100-240V
Power consumption:220mW
20 meters indoors
25polyphony ring tones
Size: 78*50*65mm

Package Size: 5*4.76*2.2 inches
Package Weight: 170g
Kinic Wireless Door Bell, Model #: E2.                      Price:  $25
Kinic Wireless Door Phone E2

Self powered.
Weather proof.
Size: 79*44*33mm

AC powered. 100-240V
Power consumption:820mW
20 m indoors/120m outdoors
38 polyphony ring tones

Package Size: 15*15*7.7cm
Package Weight: 155g
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Wireless Video Door Phone, Model #: CJDB-1               Price:  $155
Wireless Video Door Phone

App Support: IOS and Android system
Basic datas:
Material:ABS plastic +Aluminum
Color:gold and silver
Dimensions: 3.2 x6.8 x 15cm
Weight: 480g
Power Input: 12-24V AC or 5V DC
Camera: 2M PIXELS
Video: VGA 640x480 30FPS
Audio: Speaker and Microphone
View Angle 130-degree
Warranty: 1 Year
IP65 waterproof
Operating Temperature: -15-50° centigrade
Wi-Fi/3G/4G connection , quickly setup
Open the Electronic lock through App
PIR Motion sensor
④Real time push notification to mobile phone
⑤Mobile online viewing and talking
⑥Know who is ringing the doorbell at your
doorstep whenever and wherever
Package Weight: 1kg
Kinic Wireless Door Bell, Model #: AG-101F.             Price:  $29
Kinic Wireless Door Phone AG-101F

Self powered.
Weather proof.
Size: 46*88*31mm

AC powered. 100-240V
Power consumption:350mW
25 m indoors/150m outdoors
25polyphony ring tones
Size: 68*86*71mm

Package Size: 6*8.75*3 inches
Package Weight: 240g
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