China Tea Room is an America based company with great resources and relationship both In the USA and China. Its
mission is to bridge the Pacific Ocean, bring both west and east together to exchange business, education, culture,
life experience and etc., to promote business, education and enrich culture, life and etc through “China Tea Room”.
“China Tea Room” includes Fine, Delicious & Healthy Restaurant Food & Drink services, Online and Store Shopping,
Business Promotion Program,Travel Program, Education Program and etc.  

China Tea Room is owned by Investors and franchises. We welcome investor and franchises to join China Tea Room
to develop market and to strength business worldwide.

China Tea Room has been providing products and services as well as projects through China Tea Room program as

1. China Tea Room Catering and Tea Party Services:
China Tea Room is joined by fine Chinese & American restaurants in the USA, serve fine, delicious & healthy food,
dessert, various teas, coffee, drinks and etc. for catering, meeting, party,social and business networking, health
education event and etc.     

2. Online and In Store:
China Tea Room sells various, fine, high style, high quality and high tech products and etc.from worldwide online and in

3. Business Promotion Program:
We contact business through China Tea Room in the USA, China and worldwide upon our customer’s requirement, we
assist business partners and customers to find investment, acquisition project or located business in the USA, China
and worldwide. We provide consulting services and support to our customers. Currently we offer immigrant
investors business enterprise program EB5 in China Tea Room and real estate rebuild, recovery, renovation and
development programs in the USA.  

4.Travel Programs:
We provide various travel and study programs in the USA and in China upon customers requirement.

5. Education Programs:
We provide Healthy Living, Healthy Eating, Chinese Culture, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Tea and Chinese Language
Leaning education programs through China Tea Room. All seminars will be taught at China Tea Room designed
location in the USA.

Welcome to visit China Tea Room to find your favorite high style, high tech, high quality and fine products; join
interested project and program, enjoy our services.
China Tea Room
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Special Tour
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Silk Road Tour
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Yangtze River Tour
Tasty Tour
Chinese Spring Festival
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Tea Party & Catering
Real Estate
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Beauty & Personal Care
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